How do new ideas get into companies? Managing innovation projects

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Projects that aim to introduce changes sometimes run into difficulties – particularly if they touch upon fundamental issues. The magazine Harvard Business Manager recently published a case study on this issue. The case study deals with the question of how to develop and implement new ideas effectively in the corporate context; its main topic is innovation and change management. Weiterlesen

Open and honest communication is key – talking to Guido Beyß about M&A transactions

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At the end of January I examined in an article on this blog what I regard as the most important aspects for successful company transactions. The following interview focuses on this topic again – especially on the importance of communication.

Guido Beyss

Guido Beyß

Mr Beyß, how many mergers and acquisitions have you handled, and what was your key insight?

Beyß: I was involved in about half a dozen acquisitions right from the beginning. The target companies were mostly medium-sized and managed by their owners. The main insight I have gained is very simple: Communication is key.

What do you believe to be the most common mistakes in the post-merger integration phase? Weiterlesen

How to arrange successful company transactions

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Technische Universität München (TUM) found in a study released at the end of 2010 that five out of six M&A transactions fail. One-third of the examined company acquisitions or sales were not based on a deliberate, strategic decision of the buyer or seller. Instead, they were triggered by external factors, often by an offer. In addition, due diligence was often undervalued; most of the examined companies did not want to spend money on this issue. Post-merger integration was another field where mistakes were made. While this issue was regarded as important, it remained a matter of “trial and error”; there were no attempts to arrive at methodical or appropriate solutions of upcoming problems. Weiterlesen