Innovation by recombination – what Doodle God can teach us

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Doodle God icon

Doodle God icon

In the time of apps and smartphones, games and other more or less useful programmes are mushrooming. Some of them meet new requirements, others are a make-over of existing applications. According to Wikipedia, Doodle God is a re-make of a DOS-based game named “Alchemy”. The idea of the game is quite simple. By combining certain things or abilities, players can discover new things or create a whole new universe. The game starts with the four traditional elements: earth, water, fire and air. By combining them, players were initially able to create up to 115 elements in 14 categories; the latest version of the game already includes more than 300 objects and inventions.

By now, you are certainly wondering what a computer game has to do with innovation.

However, if we take a look at the discussions about innovation we find that they quickly go into different directions: whether innovations are indeed of a technical nature, whether they meet new customer requirements, how innovation should be structured or steered, what the difference between revolutionary and evolutionary innovations is or how innovations can be repeated. Weiterlesen